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Welcome to Milimetriks Graphic Studio

In Milimetriks Graphic Studio, the plan is simple:

We focus on creating your value. authentic brand by  put it in the digital reality in the form of several key projects. 

​MilimetriksGraphic Studio was created for small businesses and their needs related to graphic and web design. We help solve problems and create a strategy and thus a brand image based on modern tools that every entrepreneur can use on their own. 

We create not only a platform for online cooperation with clients from many places around the world, but also a place for training and project meetings in our stationary studio, which is located

in Olsztyn at ul. Pułaskiego 7/12B. 

Graphic design



We deal with small business and JDG.

It is a priority to select appropriate solutions for this type of business, because not everything works on a small scale.



The simpler the better, so we shorten the path and look for the simplest solutions both in graphic design and website design and integration. 


Development and innovation

Training and continuous development are a guarantee of success and the possibility of further development of the company.  Sometimes minor changes and automations  they can make a difference.


Participation in the project

We always create a project with the client and for the client. Working with us is a process of creation, not introducing your own vision into someone's head. 


Bright rules

We make sure that each project has its own contract and documentation, which you can easily refer back to in case of doubts.



We are up to date with the world of digital graphics, but also culture and art. We follow trends and work to ensure that we are as little influenced by them as possible. 

Founder and Owner

Małgosia Łopata

I am  designer  websites    and branding graphics with solid marketing experience. 


Milimetriks Graphic Studio was established in 2017, focusing on creating websites using the Editor X platform. Wix Studio building graphic and marketing support for small businesses.

Creating and developing your website  and then over 120 pages for clients, I became  Wix Expert  and I have the honor of popularizing this tool. in Poland, although I create websites for clients from all over the world. 


I love building brands from scratch and introducing them to national and international business environments.


For the last five  years, Milimetriks is turning into a marketing agency, because in addition to websites and branding projects, I carry out activities  in the field of digital marketing strategy and outdoor and print advertising.

Graphic Designer/Webdesigner/Digital Marketing Specialist

Graphic designer / Web developer

Digital Marketing Specialist by Google

Wix Specialist / Editor X

Wix Affiliate

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